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Springbrook Alberta, Red Deer Airport, Waskasoo Creek Watershed, Gasoline Alley
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The hamlet of
Springbrook crest
Red Deer County, Alberta

- hamlet established 1995 with the closure of CFB Penhold;
- population approximately 1,500, mostly young families (Canada Census 2016 - 1,507);
- located 7 km. south of the city of Red Deer and 3 km. north of the town of Penhold;
- adjacent to Highway 2A and CP railroad 2 km. west of Highway QE2 freeway;
- adjacent to Red Deer Airport

Springbrook land use map - click for larger view labelled
Springbrook includes:
- the former Mynarski Park
(living quarters
    of the former Penhold military base),

 Harvard Park and Malibu
     new  residential subdivisions,

- the Harvard Business Park
     former barracks where summer cadet and other
     training occurs),

- the Red Deer Airport

(including Airport Industrial Park, AirSpray,
     Buffalo Airways, Skywings Aviation)

- Springbrook natural park

new Springbrook heritage street signSpringbrook's unique character:
     - former military base established 1940, renewed 1953,
     - focal point of regional transportation and military history,
     - former base hosted BCATP, NATO, bunker, radar,
     - home of forest fire fighting aircraft,
     - training facilities for flying, oilfield, police, rescue and motorcycle
     - future home of Harvard Historical Aviation museum
     - lots of green space including sports fields
     - Springbrook Family Resource Centre
see Overview with aerial photo
wesland at Gasoline Alley westThe Waskasoo Area
- Waskasoo Creek watershed between the city of 
   Red Deer and the town of Penhold from the Red
   Deer River to Highway QE2,
- area includes
       - Gasoline Alley west commercial zone,
       - Red Deer County Centre,
 foyer of Penhold Regional Multiplex

     - historic Fort Normandeau (the Crossing),
     - the historic Calgary & Edmonton Trail,
     - the Alberta Central Railway steel river trestle,
     - home of several country residential areas,
     - the town of Penhold (pop. 3,277 in 2016),
     - Penhold Regional Multiplex,
     - Springbrook-Penhold Trail
        (part of Trans Canada Trail)

Celebrating the Past and Embracing The Future  
mounted Harvard trainer at Red Deer Regional Airport - former air training base
(now Springbrook,
          Harvard Park barracks and training zone and
          Red Deer Regional Airport),

 - former site of 'Bunker' and radar base,
 - Fort Normandeau Interpretive Centre

          (celebrating the Calgary & Edmonton Trail and
          the origins of the city of Red Deer),

 - historic Mintlaw steel railway trestle

          (historic resource celebrating the former
          Alberta Central Railway)


proposed Harvard Historical Aviation Centre
      Future Plans
            - Airport expansion
            - Trans Canada Trail
            - Springbrook elementary school
            - multi-purpose community centre  
            - Harvard Historical Aviation Centre
            - New road access to Red Deer
            - rehabilitation of Mintlaw trestle

proposed Railway Station resort


     Future Possibilities

          - regional sports field
          - High speed rail
          - Railway station heritage resort

Current and Future Residential Development
Springbrook Street Map
Springbrook Community Association


This website will be undergoing several changes over the next few weeks so some pages may not be available.

restored Harvard
History of the
Penhold Military Base

British Commonwealth Air Training Plan
A.C. Mynarski

Alberta Central Railway trestle bridge

Alberta Central Railway and Calgary-Edmonton Railway

Fort Normandeau

Calgary Edmonton Trail
and Fort Normandeau


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