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Springbrook Alberta, Red Deer Airport, Waskasoo Creek Watershed, Gasoline Alley
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Coming Regional Events

All regularly scheduled events have been cancelled or postponed
until further notice

Transit Service

Springbrook-Penhold-Innisfail-Bower Place Shopping Centre

              Bus Route Map

25 St. & 33 Ave. (church corner)
                   Mon.-Fri. northbound: 7:25 am, 8:55 am, 5:04 pm, 6:51 pm
                   Wed.- Fri. northbound: 3:10 pm
                   Mon.-Fri. southbound: 3:58 pm, 5:54 pm
                   Wed.-Fri. southbound: 2:14 pm
leaves Bower Shopping Centre to Springbrook
                    Mon.-Fri.: 3:44 pm, 5:40 pm
                    Wed.-Fri.: 2:00 pm

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bold vision
a visitor destination with
4 unique attractions
featuring a ground transportation theme


Forth Junction Heritage Society
within a proposed family trail, rail and transit activity and heritage park
Forth Junction Project


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Central Alberta
Regional Trails Society

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