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Springbrook Alberta, Red Deer Regional Airport, Waskasoo Watershed, Gasoline Alley

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Springbrook Waskasoo

Springbrook Streets

Springbrook Land Use

Residential Development

Former Mynarski Park

Division 3 Red Deer County

Historic Calgary
& Edmonton Trail

The Former Mynarski Park area of the current Hamlet of Springbrook

former Mynarski Park map

The former Mynarski Park at time of redevelopment 1995 with house numbering plan.
Lots with squares are the original houses; lots without squares are new houses.
MR is Municipal Reserve. Sixth St. is now 25 St. and may be renamed Harvard Drive.
The school shown has been demolished to make way for residential development.

Springbrook Waskasoo Area Map and Google Earth Image  
Springbrook Street Map and Land Use

Malibu-Harvard Residential Development
The Story of Andrew Charles Mynarski
History of CFB Penhold Base 1939-1995


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