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Springbrook Alberta
, Red Deer Regional Airport, Waskasoo Watershed, Gasoline Alley
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Springbrook Waskasoo

Springbrook Streets

Springbrook Land Use

Residential Development

Former Mynarski Park

Division 3 Red Deer County

Historic Calgary
& Edmonton Trail

Current Street Map of Springbrook Alberta

Springbrook streets and land use - click for larger view
land use and subdivision map of Springbrook - Click for larger versionThe former Mynarski Park streets are named after trees including Tamarac Boulevard, Oak Street, Pine Street, Spruce Street, Poplar Crescent, Willow Crescent and Maple Crescent. The new Malibu subdivision is continuing the theme with Redwood Boulevard, Red Oak Close, Cypress Lane and Red Ash Cove.
The Harvard Park residential subdivision has taken on an aircraft theme which includes Mynarski Way, Sabre Road and Voodoo Close. The eventual plan is to rename 25 St. to Harvard Drive.
37 Ave. is sometimes referred to as Lancaster Drive but it is currently cut off by a former lease from the Airport Authority by a former manufacturer. Future plans could reconnect Lancaster Drive intersecting Harvard Drive, both of which may one day form the main future town centre and extend northward toward Red Deer.
The former CFB Penhold (now Harvard Business Park) has numbered streets and avenues -- 33 to 38 Avenues and 21 to 25 Streets.
The main road from Highway 2A to the airport is called Airport Drive.
The maps above show the current and future land use as planned at this point in time.
      yellow - existing residential,
      dark mauve - airport industrial,
      blue - major airport buildings and businesses,
      salmon - the Harvard Business Park including the former barracks,
      mauve - the store and former recreational facilities,
      light mauve - future industrial,
      light beige - future residential or undeveloped,
      light blue - constructed wetland and swale,
      green - open spaces including playgrounds, sports fields, municipal reserve,
      dark green - natural treed areas including the natural park and wetland.
The hamlet is expected to expand north and south with commercial, institutional, light industrial and a possible future park to the south and residential development to the north. Industrial development is expected in the northwest as part of airport expansion and redevelopment.

aerial photo of Springbrook Fall 2007

Larger Version of Street Map
Larger Version of Land Use Map
Former Mynarski Park Portion of Springbrook  
Malibu-Harvard Park New Residential Development


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